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Benefits are cumulative at each level. Please note you will be redirected to PayPal to complete your donation then returned to our site.
~ Any amount you can give will earn our gratitude and support our essential day to day office functions.
~ A gift of $50 or more supports one NYC public school student for a day-long Tectonic workshop.
~ Pays an actor’s salary for a full-day workshop of a new Tectonic project.
~ Buys a metro card for a Tectonic intern.
~ Supports five NYC public school students for a day-long Tectonic workshop.
~ Covers studio rental for workshop of a new play.
~ Helps bring a Master Teaching Artist to a school (we go all across the US!) for a workshop or post-show talkback.
~ Supports research by a Tectonic dramaturg for a new play in development.
~ Plus recognition as a Friend of Tectonic in our marketing materials.
~ Underwrites student tickets for a Tectonic production, with study guides for every student created by our education team and company artists.
~ Fosters professional development of the Tectonic staff by supporting conference fees and educational opportunities.
~ Plus an invitation to our yearly Friends of Tectonic Soiree with fellow Tectonic supporters, company members, and the Tectonic Team.
Moment Maker
~ Covers the costs of a week long workshop with 6 actors for a new play.
~ Supplies props, costumes, sound equipment, and lighting devices for a moment making session.
~ Plus an exclusive invitation to observe a new play workshop or Moment Work workshop.
Artistic Director's Circle
An invaluable group of Tectonic's most ardent supporters.
~ Your gift supports our ongoing work to change the landscape of American theater.
~ Plus insider access to the latest news at Tectonic, and invitations to a specially curated events each quarter.